Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dash & Dine 5k - 5/19/07

When I drink from my Glass, I will remember the good times and my 3rd place AG victory!
I ran the Dine & Dash 5k today. It was so awesome. The weather was perfect, sunny and cool. and the race was well run.
Anyway we started around 8:15. There was no fanfare or anything, just started running.
Mile 1 - Went through some neighborhoods in the Ballantyne area. They were rather hilly, but, what goes up must come down so I took advantage of the down hills....Learned from Ron...Fly down the down hills...thanks Ron! Rounded the corner and there was mile 1. Looked down at my watch and it said 7:30! WOW! That's cool!
Mile 2 - Never saw the mile 2 mile marker. I don't think they had one. Anyway....Running at a good pace and feeling good about the race. Passed a few people and tried to chat a little, but nobody was interested in talking. OK then..Did stop to ask a girl if she was OK. She was on the side of the road bent over. She said she was fine..had a cramp..so I went on. I knew this would cost me at least 5 seconds, but I feel like we always need to watch out for our fellow runners.
Mile 3 - Hit mile 3 at 22 min. I thought WOW I may really pull this thing out! So I started a little sprint thing....then out of nowhere a real big guy passed me and almost tripped me up...HOW RUDE! I guess he did not want to be beat by a 110 lb girl!
Finish Line - When I crossed the finish line the clock said 24:02...but my official time said 24:06. Not sure what was up with that?!?! But Whatever! I was happy to be done! I hung out, got some Gatorade, and went to see the results.....I placed 3rd in my division and that means I got a nifty little glass! I think I was 67 overall...but cannot remember.
All in all, it was a great run! My running Skirt worked GREAT!

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