Saturday, June 6, 2009

King Tiger 5k - 6/6/09-Race #4

So I did the #4 race in the Grand Prix series this morning. I knew that b/4 this race, I was placed 3rd in my AG in the series, so this would either hold me there or drop me....or a very slim chance put me higher...LOL! No pressure, huh.
Prerace Morning Routine:
Set the alarm for 0600 but woke up, wide awake, at 0500. So me and JRT went downstairs. I let her out and fixed my coffee. After letting her back in, I spent some time with God. I asked Him to give me the strength to run well. I forced down a PB&J without the J....HaHa! Then I took some Advil. My head (due to allergies I assume) has been hurting the past few days. I don't run well with a headache.
Got dressed and headed to the race around 0645. My goal was to be there around 0700. This would be no problem b/c this race was on my side of town. Got there and met up with Bree. Got my chip and realized there would be no potty break even though I had to go.
The Race:
Lined up very close to the start line with Debbie and Bree. We were talking then everyone started running. That was the start! So I ran!
1st mile: The normal weaving but not too bad. Then I started thinking....I want to quit...I didn't feel good. WHAT? OK, that is not acceptable so I turned up my Ipod and listened to "Welcome to the Jungle" then "She's Country". Passed mile 1 at 7:21. OOOO, this makes me feel better.
2nd mile: At this point the song "Now or Never" came on. Now if you you do not have preteen girls, you will not know this song. It is from "High School Musical 3". I played it b/c I knew I had less than 16 minutes and it basically says...Man up and do it! It helped b/c I hit mile 2 at 14:47. That means I did the 2nd mile in 7:26 minutes. WOOT!
Mile 3: Arrrr....Mile 3 did not go too well. It was mainly uphill and I must have just quit racing....or something. Don't remember much about this mile except it was 7:57. WHAT?!?! I hit mile 3 at 22:44.
Last .11 took 48 seconds and that is out of control.
I always loose it the last mile and it costs me the race. I may start out too fast, but not sure if starting slower would make me finish faster. Oh well.
After Race:
Finished then saw Gygy cross the finish line. We hung out. Then saw Debbie and Bree. Found Sommer and Tim and Jeremy. Hung out and ate some of the post race stuff. Did not place, but the girl who came in 3rd in my AG only came in 1 minute faster than I know what I need to do...TAKE A WHOLE MINUTE OFF MY TIME....AHHHH! Not that easy!
So, my
Total time was 23:32 chip time
Gun time 23:40
Ave pace: 7:37 (based on gun time)
Total Place: 170 out of 775
Age group Place: 7 out of 73
Gender Place: 31 out of 366