Sunday, October 5, 2008

WDW Marathon - 2007

The alarm went off at 0200 so I could take my Nexium. I knew this race was too important for me to get the reflux I had experienced on many of my long runs. I took the Nexium then went back to sleep for 1 more hour. I have to say that I slept very well this time around. This is my 4th WDW. I have also completed 2 other non-Disney marathons.
At 0300 I was up as soon as the alarm went off. I started the coffee then ate my normal p-nut butter sandwich. Matt (husband) and Curt (Brother-in-law) was up with me scurrying around getting ready to leave for the race. Peggy(mother-in-law) and my 2 sweet girls were still snoozing in bed. I remember making the comment that I thought I would like to be a scream teamer next year! Yeah right!
We were at the BWV bus stop at 0400. WOW that's early! We got to the staging area around 0500ish and I met up with several WISHer friends. We stopped (in the woods) to use the bathroom then headed for the corrals. Phil (Melissa's husband) and I headed to corral B while Matt, Curt, and several friends went to corral C.
At 0600 the fireworks were set off and we started "running". I knew we were in for a HOT day as I started sweating very soon after I started running. It was around 70 degrees with 100% humidity. All this at 0600!
The 1st five miles were a dark blur. I remember thinking that it was hard to see my pace band. We went through EPCOT, but I really did not pay too much attention to it this year. We hit mile 5 around 45 min. Right on track for my sub-4 hour marathon.
I took my 1st gu at this point. Did not feel like I needed it, but I sure didn't want to wait too late. I was so thirsty. Even though I drank 1 or 2 H2O or Powerades at every stop.
Now it was starting to get light. We had already passed several people and was feeling good. I did notice my clothes were wet and the brim of my hat was dripping wet. What is up with that?
Mile 5 - 10...WOW! It was HOT! The sun wasn't really out yet, but it was light. It was really foggy. We were running to the Magic Kingdom. I was just trying to take everything in. We were ahead of the pacing and feeling good.

Magic Kingdom was really fun. There were big crowds and running through the Castle is always a highlight! We saw Woody and Bulls Eye! Phil and I both agreed that they were hotter than we were.

After MK, came a LONG run to Animal Kingdom. During this stretch, we passed the 1/2 marathon mark at 1 hour, 58 min. Doing good! I took another gu...when I finally got it open. My hands were wet with sweat and I could not open it.
We entered AK and suddenly there was full sun! WOW! This made the race more difficult. There really is not much shade at this point and it was in the 80s. I hit mile 20 at 3:03. That is a full hour off my time from last year. If I can do just right under a 10 mile per min, I can hit right under 4 hour.
This is where the marathon starts! There is a "hill" at this point. Phil asked me if I wanted to up the pace......WHAT?!?!?! UP THE PACE?!?!?! I told him to go on and he disappeared! This last 6.2 miles took me 1 hour and 12 min. It was a total mind game at this point. I knew my girls were at mile 23 so I ran to them and kissed them. Then I ran to mile 24 with my WISH guys got me to this point!
I hit mile 25 at 4 hours. My sub-4 was down the drain...but at this point, I did not care. It was 88 degrees and I only had 1.2 miles to go. This took me 12 min! OUT OF CONTROL!
But I finished in 4 hours and 12 min! This was the best I could do for today and this is what I would take!

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