Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lungstrong 15k 10/17/09 9th and LAST race of the Grand Prix Series!

So this is the last race of the series. As think back on the fun, the struggles, the anxiety, the victories, the starts, the finishes, and all the friends I made....it is a bittersweet moment. Everything about this race is surreal. Like a dream. I am not anxious. I feel a quiet confidence.
I got up at 0500. Did my normal prerace routine. Ate a 1/2 PB&J, prayed, packed up. I was going to this race alone. I was kinda bummed about this. However, I cannot expect my family to load up and come watch every race.
Get to the race site early, get my chip then chill in my car. I went to the starting line around 7:30. Saw my friend Debbie and we waited at the start line.
This race was for Lung Cancer. My Bestest friend, Jill, lost her mother to lung cancer. I ran this race for her. We have been through a lot together. I went with her to all her Chemo treatments when she had Breast Cancer. I love this girl! So to say the least, this race was more than just a finishing time to me.
I started running when the race started....early into the 1st mile, I decided to take my long sleeve shirt off....this was not easy b/c I did not stop running.
The 1st mile went quickly. We turned into the park. It was really nice. The weather was perfect. I looked at the lake and enjoyed the run. I loved the course. It had beautiful views. I knew I started out to fast so I tried to slow a bit on mile 2. OOOO, too slow. Now speed it up back to the sub 8mm.
Around mile 6ish, I thought I should take my gel. I was still feeling good, but knew I could not continue sub 8mm w/out any nutrition. As I tried to open my gel...while still running...the gel exploded all over me. I was a mess! It was on my hands, face, legs, and clothes. AHHHH! So I licked it off my face and tried to get more off my hands and shirt. I know I looked like an idiot! Look at my splits...you can see I slowed down at mile 7. No more sub 8mm! =-(
At mile 9, I saw a car coming right at me. WOW! I can't even think about how to get out of this cars way! Oh, glad it moved....where is the finish line. How can .3 be so long....it seems like I have been running this .3 forever!
Finely I see the finish line. And I cross it then almost throw up! Then I watch Debbie cross and go home....then I run 7 more miles (I had a 16 mile run to do today).
My total time was:
chip: 1:13.56
Overall: 116/586
Overall Female: 32/280
Age Group: 8/64

Friday, October 2, 2009

9/26/09 - Hit the Brixx 10k - Race #8 in Grand Prix Series

Pre-race routine:Like normal...I got up at 0500 and ate. But I tried my new/old favorite. A pb and banana sandwich. Well, most of half of it anyway. I spent some time with the Lord then laid back down for a few minutes. I had some time before I had to get ready. Made some coffee then took a few sips. Could not stomach it today. Bree showed up and we left right before 0700. Matt, my sweetheart, was dropping us off at the race site so we did not have to worry about parking.
Matt dropped us off right at the start. I told him that I hoped to run this in around 48 minutes. He went to park at the DOWD YMCA to run. Then he would run to the race and watch us finish. We went to use the bathroom one last time then got our chip. Went to the front of the starting line and waited. I met a guy who was part of the WISH group. A running group who runs the Disney races. We chatted a few minutes then were off.
I liked the course. It was hilly to be expected but a good course. I felt good the whole time. I may have been able to push the pace a bit more, but I tried to stick to my plan of 48 minutes. I did not want to burn up in the last miles of the race.
1-7:11 mostly downhill and opps, too fast
2-7:51 I purposely slowed this mile down
3-7:42 Tried to keep it above 7:30 but faster than mile 2
4-8:06 Mostly uphill but too slow! I pick up a friend who will run with me the rest of the way in.
5-7:55 Still going mostly up. I pass a girl I have followed the whole time.
6-7:56 Listening to "The Climb" on my Ipod. This mile is totally uphill but it is the last mile.
.21-1:39 Again, uphill but me and my friend start "racing" to the end. We Tie!
As I was about to finish, I saw Matt. I blew him a kiss then kicked it to finish.
I really liked how I ran this race. I ran uncomfortably comfortable for the most part. I never really tried to race anyone else and I think this helped. I think I like the longer distance. My friend I started running with around mile 4 was great! We never talked until the end. When we came over the finish, he looked at me and said, "Thanks for running with me". I told him I thought he was running with me. We laughed and went our different ways. I thanked most of the volunteers and police. I felt good the whole way and really enjoyed this race.
What would you do differently?:I feel good but if I had to choose....I would that pushed a bit on mile 4. It was a bit over an 8 MPM. My slowest mile of the race.
Post race:Watched Debbie and Bree come in. I ran in with Bree so I got to go over the finish line 2x. HeHe! Got some pizza and pasta. Ran slowly back to the DOWD YMCA (a little over a mile away) and went home to a WARM shower.
Time: 48:21 Pace: 07m 47s min/mile
Overall Place: 185/871
Age Group Place: 6/61
Overall Female: 37/454
The only thing that limits me is that I can't run faster...but that is OK.