Saturday, October 11, 2008

MS Century Ride 9/15/07

On 9/15/07 around 2:30 I completed my 1st century ride!
Why did I do this? Well, do not count the fact that I am totally crazy and like to push myself to the limits. I did this to help fight against MS. A dear family I know is right now fighting this battle. A father, husband and all around great person inspired me to try to make a difference. So with the help of some very generous people who made donations, I raised money, trained, and cycled. A big thank you to all my friends for making a difference.
So here is my report:
At 5:30 am I woke up and started my prerace routine. Ate p-nut butter & jelly sandwich, drank coffee, put on sunscreen and off I went.
Got to the start at 6:30 am and pumped up the tires and got the bike ready to make the trek....Ha bike is a Trek.
Found everyone and around 7:28 am, or something like that, we were off. This is the crew who rode.
It took us forever to get through town. We hit every red light so the 1st few miles went by slowly. Passed the 1st rest stop but stopped at the 2nd. By this time, it was raining. Everyone still looks fresh, wet, but fresh! I must like to take pictures of pot-o-jons!?!?!
After leaving this stop, my main memory is almost drowning because of all the water coming from the road! I was soaking wet and very sandy! But this did not last long. I was behind Ricky and he was BOOKING! So I just let him pull me.
Around mile 41, we stopped at 1st lunch! I ate some more p-nut butter and took a picture of myself.
Around mile 58, we stopped at 2nd lunch! LOVE all the lunches! Here we had to wait in a LONG line! I called Matt to let him know we were over 1/2 way finished. Then we all had a wonderful lunch provided by wonderful volunteers.
Then we were off again! Mile 70 something we saw Capt. Jack Sparrow. Well a cardboard stand up of him anyway. Ricky and I had to have a picture.
Between this stop and the next one I loose energy! I think WOW I still have about 30 miles to go, how will I finish. So we stop, stretch, eat some more and start riding again. This is about mile 80 something. This is just what I needed. I felt alot better. I think we stop 1 more time.
Finally we come to the finish line! It is funny, but I feel better now than I did at mile 75. Get some last pictures and get Matt to put my bike back onto the car.

Will I do it again? Oh Yeah! 100 cool!

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