Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goofy Full Marathon - 1/8/06

Once again, 3am comes early! Yesterday was a breeze compared to today. Just me and Matt going to corral B. Scotty did not run the full. The routine is the same as yesterday. Bagal with peanut butter, nasty coffee I tried to make in the dark, and a power pbar to eat when I get to the start. I was very hungry during the 1/2 so I am eating more this morning. We get to the race "staging area" and start the treck to the corral. Bree, Ron, and Sunny are waiting for us there. I have never officially met Sunny so this is exciting. She is a WISH friend I trained with..vurtually speaking.
We get to the corral and everyone is really focused! Matt sits down to rest. Bree, Ron, Sunny and I talk for a few then get ready to run. My plan is to stop at the mile markers and walk. I also plan to stay with Matt because his knee is hurting.
The national anthem, fireworks, and the official start! We are off...not running yet, but at least going forward. Finally, we are running. (pic. 1) Matt takes off, but then slows down to run with me. We pass mile marker 5...but we are only at mile 1....oh, we will pass this way again! We are going now. About a 10 min mile. That is good b/c there are tons of people around us.
As we head into the EPCOT park, the 4:30 pace team passes us. This is around mile 2ish. I guess this will not be my fastest marathon! Oh well..I am having fun. The park is beautiful! It is still dark, but the park is all lit up. We run through World Showcase. Matt stops for a bathroom break. Ron and Bree run on. Running through the park is so uplifting. Music is playing and some man's voice is blairing over the speakers.
We head out of EPCOT and start to Magic Kingdom. In my opinion, this is the longest stretch. Actually milage wise it is too. It is still dark and hard to see where we are steping. We somehow miss mile 4 mile marker. So I don't know where I am in time now. Suddenly I notice people are everywhere. The other corrals have joined us and we are fighting to keep our pace. We catch back up to Bree and Ron. Then pass them. Bree is listening to headphones. She is such a reble!
It is now getting light. Around mile 6 I take my 1st Gu. This is on the ramp where we go over and under. I love this part. I see WISH shirts but cannot look for long because they are so bright! I am feeling great now. The crowds aren't as bad. I know in about 4 miles, I will be in the Magic Kingdom. Matt and I run pass the cheerleaders, the gymnists, and this cruse line thing. Everything is a blur! We go up the hill near the Contemerpary. Matt is tired, but we are keeping our pace.
Now we go into Magic Kingdom. We see where we took pictures yesterday. But, there will be no pictures today. This is a long race and we, well Matt, are focused. The crowds are amazing! We run down main street, through the castle, past the train, ect...There are no bananas like yesterday. That is great because it was a slipping hazard.
Now we travel out of the Magic Kingdom and head toward Animal Kingdom. We pass mile 12 and I take anothe gu. I have taken a drink at every station and want to keep up my energy. We pass the Brides and Grooms again and Military persons. It is great! Then we see Greg! Hip Hip Horay! I ask him if Ron and Bree have passed, he says no. Then I give him my jacket. This is a move I regret later!
I see mile 13! Then 13.1 there is a little beeping thing.....someone says you are 1/2 way through. I yell back, "I am doing Goofy! I am 2/3 through!" I only have 1/3 of this race to go! I will make it! Matt is listening to his head phones so I am basicly running by myself. He is tired and needs the beat for motivation. I start getting cool again and wish I had my jacket! I will warm back up when we get in the sun.
We are almost in Animal Kingdom. Matt stopps to take Advil and I visit a port-a-jon. Bree and Ron pass us here. I talk to Bree a little then fall back with Matt. He is feeling sick. I think he has had to much to drink, but he thinks he needs to drink more. I guess he knows his body better than me...yea right! We have slowed down a bit, and we are stopping to walk more. I see the 5 hour pace team pass. This hurts deep! But I have told Matt I would stay with him.
We go through Animal Kingdom around mile 16ish. It is so cool! All the Charactors, a few anamals, and the rides! Cool! My favorite part of the marathon is after AnimalKingdom. We are almost to mile 18. I see Bree and Ron ahead with Greg. I get 1 last Gu, drink the rest of my Gatoraid in my belt pack, and put on some chapstick...I also give Matt some drink. Then I take the pack off and give it to Greg. Oh I feel so lite! I just remember how heavy the pack felt during the last miles of the Charlotte marathon.
Up the hill to mile 20. Matt is walking and he tells me to go on. I say I will stay, but I think I am getting on his nerves. I am secretly glad that I can run on. This walking is killing me. A better wife would have stayed though.
I hit mile 20 at the 4 hour mark. Can I do six miles in 60 min? Can I make it in 5 hous or less. I start upping my pace. I feel so good. I pass Bree and Ron and keep running. I then see Lynn, a wish friend. We talk for a brief moment then I go on. I can tell she is not felling well. It is starting to get hot out here.
There is a little out and back part. I turn to go back and I pass by Melissa around mile 21. She is running on the side of the road I just ran on. We go crazy! Then keep running. I pass Lynn again then I pass Ron and Bree. Then mile 22 is on a ramp. For a breif moment I close my eyes and think how I LOVE to run! I feel so great!
We run into MGM around mile 23 I think. There is a red carpet. Very cool, but a tripping hazard. I then think about Matt and say a little prayer for him. I feel guilty for leaving him and think about waiting...for a brief moment.
At a water station I stop to take off my long sleeve shirt. Mistake! Total equipment malfunction. I cannot get it off and the other one back on. This takes about 5 minutes. When I see the Evil Queen I really wish I had the camra. She is so cool! Then I run down the main street and out of MGM. On to EPCOT!
I pass Carrie and her Husband on the way to the Boardwalk. I introduce myself then keep running. I have been running sub 10, but my shirt episode has put me behind. I run around the boardwalk and pass who I think is Cam cheering us on, but I don't say anything to her. I cannot get the words out and it is now time to finish this thing.
Into EPCOT! Around the World Showcase (again). I pass another WISHer, but cannot say anything. She has on headphones and lateron I figure out she was Krista...I think. I pass under the New Years light thingys then pass the Ball! I see the Gospel Choir! Very COOL! I know I am home free! I won't make it in under 5, but at this point I don't care! I pass the finish line (Pic2) and finally stop running!
Melissa comes through next. Then a few minutes later, Bree and Ron. I wait for Matt. They try to heard me on, but I stay. Here he comes! We have both finished!
We get our Mickey medels together (Pics 3 & 4). Then we have someone remove our chip and go to get the Goofy! (pic 5 & 6) In the waiting area is Melissa, Bree, and Ron! Melissa, Bree and I get our picture together with all our medels (pic 7).
We plan on eating at Beaches and Cream. Matt and I go to the bus to go to Beach Club. We get off the buss and wonder around the hotel lost (pic 8).
I have to say that is the best hamburger and fries I have ever eaten. Matt and I go to check in at Boardwalk, but the room is not ready so we set by the pool. I fall asleep in the sun then eat a smoothy.
A great day! We did it and survived!

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