Monday, October 6, 2008

Corporate Cup 1/2 Marathon - 3/10/07

For the last 2 weeks Matt (husband) and I have been sick. We are both on antibiotics and this has upset my tummy. I haven't really run too much these past 2 weeks (about 10 miles in all, not including the race). So with all this, I decided to sign up for The Corporate Cup 1/2 Marathon on 3/10/07.
I ate early so my acid reflux did not act up. That did not work. I had pasta at home. I also carb loaded with several chocolate chip cookies. I run to eat! Then I headed to bed around 8:00pm. I was tired and knew I would be getting up EARLY for the race.
I completed my normal racing routine before heading out to meet Alisha, a friend who I was riding with. She ran the 5k in 30 min!!!! I got up around 5:20am, took my Nexium. Waited around 30 min then ate my p-nut butter sandwich and coffee. While waiting, I dressed and got everything ready. My tummy was really upset this morning so I wasn't sure what the day would hold.
I headed out around 6:15 then met Alisha at our church around 6:30. We headed downtown and found a parking place rather quickly. We both went and got our chips. Laced them onto our shoes, then I visited the ladies room around a million more times. Then we waited.
Finally, we were at the starting line with only 1 minute before we started. I knew at this point, I had dressed too warm. The Weather Channel had not been right! There was full sun and it was supposed to be cloudy. Oh well, too late to worry about that now. My goal was 1:58. We started, and I told Alisha good luck and ran!
The 1st mile went by rather slowly. I wasn't sure how fast I was going and I was worried I was running over 9 minute miles. I hit mile 1 at 8:15. WOW! Too fast! No wonder I am breathing hard.
I never saw the mile 2 marker, but I think I did that one in around the same amount of time.
Got to mile 3 around 25 min. Then the 5k people turned off. I thought of Alisha and wondered how she was doing.
Mile 4 at 33 min. I needed to slow a bit or I may run out of steam. I thought about taking my Gu, but though I may throw up if I did. AHHHH, a water stop! Got some power aid...mistake, and kept going. The power aid got my acid reflux to acting up, but it wasn't unbearable. So I ran on.
Mile 5! Cannot remember the time for this mile marker, I was trying to get my gu opened, carry my water from the stop, and it was UP a big hill....or was this all happening at mile 6? Well anyway, I took the gu and almost threw up! It was MOCHA! NOT CHOCOLATE! AHHHHH I wasn't expecting that. NASTY!
Mile 6 I hit at 51 min. I was still trying to get over the nasty taste in my mouth from the gu.
Mile 7 at 59 min. I remember thinking, "WOW over 1/2 way done already." Then I thought, "Where are my gloves?" I had lost them along the way somewhere. Oh well! I need something to drink!
Mile 8! I hit this at 1:08. I had slowed down to a 9 min mile I think. Got some water and saw the 3rd leg of the relay people start running. They passed me and this messed with my mind! However in about 2 miles, I passed a lot of them back!
Mile 9! Don't remember the time! But a guy ran up beside me and asked if he could let me pace him. Sure, I would enjoy the company. I was feeling good at this point so we ran and chatted about how we had paid for this pain, and how hilly the course was.
Mile 10! Everything is a blur to me at this point. My friend said he had to slow down, so I ran on. Was feeling good so I encouraged those around me that we only has a 5k to go! We all could do that! I think!
Mile 11 and 12 feeling good. I hit mile 12 at 1:44. I thought, If I can just do a 10 min mile, I will finish at 1:54. Then I hit Morehead! I hate Morehead! I call it More Hell because it is a terrible hill that should never be at the end of any race!

Mile 13! AHHH I love mile 13! I can see the finish line. My sweet family, including my running partner (Zoe my JRT dog) are cheering me on! I RUN!

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