Saturday, August 8, 2009

BluePoints 5k 8/8/09 - Race #6 Grand Prix Series

Today I ran the Bluepoints 5k. It is race #6 in the Grand Prix Series. This race, like the others, will keep me or push me out of the Grand Prix Placings. My goal was 22:30...or at least under 23 minutes.
Pre-race routine: Got up at 0500. Ate 1/4 PB&J w/out the J. Drank a poweraid and a few sips of coffee. Prayed and read my Bible. Packed up and left for the DOWD YMCA around 0619. Hubby ran this one too. We met up with Leigh around 0645. The walk from the DOWD was around .57 miles so I count this as a WU.
Leigh and I took a picture b/4 the race. I look like I am going to throw up.

I waited by the starting line with Debbie. I really thought I was going to be sick. Why do I get so anxious? The jogging strollers and wheelchairs took off. About 2 minutes later, we were off. Like I said, they reversed the course. So we were on the "other side" of the start line...headed toward the finish. Really, I crossed over the finish line 30 seconds after I started. The thought did occur to me that this may mess up my chip (It did not). However, I was in the mass of people going toward Morehead. Even going this way, there were lots of up hills. I thought I was running slower than normal and was a bit disoriented b/c we were going the opposite way of what I thought we were going to go. I hit mile 1 at 6:58. Now I am not really sure if this mile marker was right. However, my friend Leigh who has a Garmin, said it was right. I did not keep my splits so I am not sure about the other times....I know I slowed b/c as we turned on Kenelworth the course started up...up.....up. I am NOT KID'N! I was running as hard as I could but the up hill was KILLING ME! I passed a few people and the 2 mile mark fairly quickly. I thought I was going to make under 23 minutes. However, the 3rd mile just kept going up...up...up! NEVER ENDING!. I saw Mint Street where the finish line was. Then I saw the 3 mile marker. The time was 22:30. I think the course was long. I am not just saying this b/c I did not get my sub 23. I just know that it does not take me 1 minute to go .11 miles. I sprinted the last .11. B/c the course ran the opposite way, the finish line/start line was not in the right place. I could be wrong.
After the race, I hung out with some friends and took pictures. This is Leigh, Matt, Me, Debbie.

Me, Sir Purr, and Leigh!

I was very disappointed with my time. I didn't even go and see if I had placed. I told Debbie that I could not take the disappointment of coming in 7th or over. She begged me to go see. She said that I really could have placed. I did not look. But I did place 3rd in my age group. How funny!
Matt, Leigh and I went and ran 2.5 more miles after the race.
Leigh and Me in my SUV!

Me and my Hubby, Matt!

What would you do differently?: I am not sure that I could have done anything any different. I told Matt that I ran hard the whole time. I passed several people I was trying to pass. I finished well.
My Stats:
Gun Time: 23:22
Chip Time: 23:18 (7:29 pace)
Placed 3rd in my AG! WOOT!
Overall Rank = 244/1260

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