Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Greek Fest 5k - #7 Race in Grand Prix - August 29, 2009

First off, I need to say that I love the cheesy, useless stuff that comes in the race goody bags. I picked up my treasure on Wednesday from University Run For Your Life. Then I went to work and had to look at it mocking me. Calling to me for hours, until I saw my last client and tore into it like a child on Christmas morning. Chap stick, a Frisbee, another race shirt (that I will wear with pride) and best of all, 2 tickets to the Greek Fest.
I ran the course just one day prior to picking up the goody bag. I was well pleased with the absence of huge hills normally experienced in Charlotte. I thought this may be a personal best this coming Saturday. Just one problem....Monday, I awoke with some kind of stomach bug. I didn't even run Monday and was very weak feeling on Tuesday. However, no worries, I have a few days to recover.
This is the 7th race in the Grand Prix Series. I am still placed 3rd. Unless I fall over and have to steam roll to the finish line, I think I can hold onto the 3rd place standing.
Like I said, I was sick with a stomach bug. Not pretty. I ran lightly on Tuesday and Wednesday, but could still tell that I was feeling weak. Not bad, but weak. I have been just hurting all over. So Friday, I took a day off and rested. I slept most of the day but was still very tired when I went to bed at 2100. On Saturday, I got up at 0500 and ate a PB&J. Drank coffee and spent some time with the Lord. I was feeling rather calm at this point. Bree got to the house a little after 0600 and we drove to the race. I really was feeling calm, but my stomach was upset.
We parked at Latta Park and I was able to use the bathroom for the last time. My stomach was still not doing well, but I knew that this course was not as hilly as the others I have run. So I was calm. Everything was surreal. I felt like I was watching myself walk to the starting line. I felt like I was watching myself line up and wait. I hate the waiting. It only makes my stomach churn more as I look over the crowd and wonder who is in my AG that I needed to be able to outrun.
The course. No surprises here. Like I said, I ran the course (at a slower pace) on Tuesday. I am glad I did. This helped me to know where I was. I started running and my legs felt like they would give out from under me. I saw the normal people who aways pass me and who I always pass. I do remember that the right turn on Dilworth Rd W from East came quickly. In fact, everything came quick...except the finish line.
My splits are as follows:
Mile 1 - 6:59
Mile 2 - 7:36
Mile 3 - 7:50
11 - 0:39
I Knew that I went out too fast when I hit mile 1. I thought that maybe this would not hurt me too bad. Hey, only 2 more miles. However, I started seeing people pass me, and I was not really passing anyone. ARRRHHH! I could tell that 1st mile effected my 2nd mile. But hey, 7:36 isn't too bad. Just keep the pace. I tried to dig down deep, but came up empty. Not good! I still have 1 more mile! I just tried to hang on the last mile. My stomach was cramping and I was pretty sure I was going to throw up! Turned on East and just ran as fast as I could (at that point) to the finish line. In this race, you can see the finish line FOREVER! I saw the clock counting up...up...up. I tried to run faster, but my body refused. I started gagging, but I did not slow down. So I went through the finish line gagging like I was going to throw up...NICE!
Time: 23:07
Overall finisher: 243/1278
Overall Female: 36/589
Age Group: 8/113
After going through the finish, I went and got some water. I was hoping not to pass out (I didn't). Then I hung out and watched Bree come across the line at 28 something and Matt come across at 29:05. Then we met up with Greg (Bree's husband) and went to IHOP to get our grub on!
It was a fun race. I am ready for cooler weather and the long SLOW distance of the marathon...instead of this fast running. This is the last 5k of the Grand Prix series. I did PR. I do wish I could have gotten rid of about 10 seconds so I would have made it under 23 minutes. But, I have gotten faster. I am able to hit under 24 minutes in a 5k consistently. This is faster than my 5k time from last year.
So now come the 10k and 15k! This should be interesting!

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