Saturday, May 8, 2010

Abigayle's First Race Report

Tonight, Abigayle completed her first 5k. Every parent wants to instill their values, hopes and dreams on their children. I strive to teach my children love, faith in Jesus Christ, the joy of small things, honesty, and kindness toward others. I also hope to impart the joy of running on my children.
Here is Abigayle's story.
The last 12 or so weeks, she has been running. This happened with me and in PE. I must give a huge thanks to Coach Crystal Rhodes for teaching her PE students the art of endurance. She is a wonderful teacher and friend to me. With her help, Abigayle has decided to run Cross Country this fall at school.
With Cross Country in Abigayle's future and her training thus far, I signed her up for her first 5k. Now I think I was more excited than her.
We get to the race and I pin Abigayle's number on her. She has her game face on. I think the realization of this race has hit her. She suddenly becomes nervous. To her, this is a marathon.
We go into this hustle and bustle of the chip pick up. Abigayle is very quiet. I put her chip on and answer her questions. How many times has she seen me put this chip on myself and asked the same questions. However, today it is different. She is wearing the chip.
We get to the start and she takes a picture of me and Matt. He is running on one side of her and I am running on the other. Bree, Ron, Ross, and Sommer are also running. Greg, Wendy, Wendy's family and Ross's children and mother are scream teaming. Lucas will be pushed in the jog stroller.
One last hug from daddy and we are off and running. The plan was to run 2 minutes then walk 30 seconds. However, that went out the window.
We run for 4 minutes then take a walk break. Then we run until Abigayle wants to walk. Around mile 1 Abigayle is still looking strong having fun. Running is fun in a sick and twisted kinda way. Ha Ha!
Matt runs ahead and takes a picture. Look at those long legs and determination! That's my girl...and you can see me in the back ground smiling.
At the 1/2 way mark there is water. I had carried propel for her, but the water stop was a welcome break. She is happy to hear that we are half way done.
Mile 2. She is still looking good and sassy!
Mile 3 was Abigayle's best. She really started having fun. I think this is because she knew this was it. She would finish. She and her daddy play around near the Panther's Stadium.
Then we turn the corner and she puts in her "kick". She sprints toward the finish line. I took this picture then ran up with her. I must admit I had a hard time keeping up with her when she started sprinting. Go Abigayle, Go!
We cross the finish line and cheese for pictures.
The 3 Amigos!
The whole crew. Sommer had already gone home but this is everyone else. The kids ran the fun run and they all beasted it.
Now we go out and eat! Abigayle gets ribs and go girl!

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Jessi said...

Congratulations, Abigayle! I am very proud of you. You did great!