Saturday, March 6, 2010

Corporate Cup 3/6/10 - Why I run!

Leigh, Ross, Me, Bree, and Matt at the start of the race
Why do I run? I get that question a lot and I have really been pondering the whole "Why I run" thing. Is it just to get faster, qualify for Boston, so I can eat everything in site and not be as big as a side of a barn? I have to admit that all those things are reasons....however, I feel there is a deeper meaning to my running.
  1. I do it so I won't have to go into therapy. Really...Running is my therapy. My job is very stressful and I really cannot talk about it to anyone. So I run. Run and talk to God.
  2. I do it because it makes me a nicer person. Well not really, but it helps me to have the judgment to sensor the things I want to sometimes say.
  3. It shows my two girls that anything is possible. If I can run 26.2 miles then they can face challenges.
  4. It shows me and my two girls it is good to set goals. But, it is OK if you don't meet those goals.
  5. It makes me a better, therapist, mother, wife, sister, daughter, pastors wife and daughter, friend, and any other role that I am called upon to play.
  6. It teaches me about who I am. What I am capable of. That I can be in pain and still finish the race.
  7. It teaches me about other people. So much so, that I think I am going to require the man who wants to marry my daughters to run a marathon with me. I feel that will show what kind of person he is. Running brings out the true character in a person.

In January, I committed to train Leigh, Bree, and my husband Matt for the Corporate Cup Half Marathon. I think running with someone teaches you about that person. You run your personality.

Matt. My husband Matt is a very steady man. He never loses his temper. He never panics. He is a rock. This is how he runs. Steady. It does not matter what the group does, he starts the pace and keeps up with it. Normally, he is the first one finished with the long runs.

Bree. Bree likes routine. She wants a training plan and follows it to the tee. No matter what, if there is a long run, she will get it in. She is also the social one of the group. She is all about the friendship of the run. That is how she runs.

Leigh. Leigh is the rebel. She likes to mix it up. If I the plan calls for 8 miles, she does 9. If we are supposed to go slow, she starts fast. She wants to get it done. She is ready for the challenge and meets it head on without thinking of the consequences. This is how she runs.

Me. Well I am coach. I am called the "Evil Queen". I totally stick to the schedule. I don't like whining. I have little mercy. I will encourage. I will stick with the last person in the group. I will yell at you if you choose to do something stupid like skipping short runs, eating poorly before a long run, doing a hard workout before the long run. I will expect you to "man up" and finish what you started. Don't talk smack that you cannot follow through with in the run. This is how I run.

And this is everyone's personalities. Running and otherwise.

I got up that morning and the first thing I did, like always, was spent time with God. I have learned that this comes before running. Not a side note.

I prayed for Matt, who had been having some heel pain. I prayed for Leigh who was going through some tough changes. I prayed for Bree who wanted to come out and race this half...not just run it. I prayed.

We met at the DOWD YMCA and piled into our SUV. Then headed out to find a parking place. After driving around we decided to park at First Baptist. Ran to pick up the chips. Then waited in line FOREVER to use the bathroom. It was very crazy and a stench filled the air of the building we picked up our chip in. I have a gag reflex.

I decided not to pick up a chip. I was not running this race for time and for some reason, that chip puts lots of pressure on me. I also have chosen not to take my Myrtle Beach chip off yet. So I left my chip at the table.

So finally, we line up and take the above picture. Ross joins us for the picture but as soon as the race starts, he is off. We start running and the fun begins. We are just chatting. The miles start ticking away.

This is Bree, Leigh, and Matt around 3...I think. It may be mile 4. But they are having fun.
Me and Leigh...hey that rhymes. Hee Hee! We are having fun in our Nike apparel. She said we should do a commercial. We also are dork twins in our compression sleeves. Where else can you look so cool being a dork.
Right before mile 7 the team is still looking strong. Everyone took a gel and we keep trucken. BUT.....Providence Road with it's sinister never ending hill is coming up quickly. (insert evil laugh).
Everyone makes it through the hill and on we go.
Matt at mile 11. He is looking strong. However, he is not feeling well. The gels won't go down and his heel is bothering him. Matt starts saying he wants to lay down. He starts looking for places to lay down. He is delirious. And we still have Morehead....I have named it More Hell.
More Hell Road...I mean Morehead has beasted many of runners....including myself. But Matt is determined to finish this race.
Ross finishes in 1:40something.....
Leigh and Bree finish first out of our training group. They take off 4 plus minutes from last year.
Matt comes in next, then me last.
And Matt finally finds a place to lay down. He looks like a hobo on the side of the street.
While my Matt was all laid out, I took a picture of Leigh and her Matt.
And here are the girls of the running team.
And now on to the most important thing.....eating. Which is in the "Why I run" list.
Today was fun. It was about sticking it out with friends and going the distance. That was accomplished.

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