Friday, June 17, 2011

Maggie's First 5k 5/13/11

Last year at this time, I posted about my oldest daughter running her first 5k. This year, at the same 5k, my youngest daughter decided to run. We, as a family, entered the "Twilight 5k". Maggie had completed a few shorter runs to train for this. She was rather nervous. However, I assured her that I would stay with her to the bitter end.
We got to the starting line and waited to start. I had warned her to start out slow and we would pick up the pace as the race went on. We started out and she was doing great.... The first 400 yards.
Now a few things one needs to realize about Maggie:
1) She is a princess.
2) She doesn't like to sweat.
3) Her favorite thing to do is lay around and chill!
So this was totally out of her comfort zone. At this point, we went to walk a lot/run a little. That was ok with me. Her older sister stayed with us the first half mile then took off. Abigayle ended up doing great. In fact, it was a road race PR.
So Maggie and I continued on.
We got to mile 1 and started playing a game where we act like we are running to different rides at Disney World. This worked until the 2nd mile. Then we poured water over her head. She loved this.
Her last mile was a sufferfest at first, but somewhere in the middle of this mile, I watched my little princess of lounging dig deep inside of herself and start running. She turned the corner and saw the finish line. She darted toward the finish and her big sister joined her. We all came across the finish line together.
After the race, when the pain is gone and only the glory remains, Maggie let me know she was very proud of herself and had decided to try another race.
That is another story.

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Jessi said...

But Maggie doesn't like to sweat...

Super proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone.

Good job, Maggie!