Friday, September 17, 2010

Mind Over Matter!

Boston is in my sights.
I have started my marathon training to qualify for Boston.
I plan on qualifying at the Thunder Road Marathon on December 11, 2010.
If I run this race in 3:45 (and the Boston race is still open) I will run Boston in April 2011.
If I run this race in 3:50, I will have to wait until April 2012.
I want 2011!
I am on week 6 of Hal Higdon's Advanced I training plan. This plan has me do speedwork, hillwork, long runs, pace runs and tempo runs. On Friday and Saturday, I do back to back long runs to prepare my body to go the 26.2 miles in the time I need.
However, this is not enough........
To qualify for Boston, I have to change my mindset. Instead of fearing running up Morehead, I have to embrace it. Instead of thinking about pain as weakness...think about it as fresh bread that I will eat for breakfast. Everything that morning will have to come together perfectly race morning to insure success. To say the least, a marathon is as much mental as it is physical.
I have to do more than train physically. So what will I do different this year to insure success.
  1. First and foremost, I am confessing success. I tell people I have such and such days before I qualify. I look at myself as a runner. A runner who can hold the 8:34 pace I need for 26.2 miles.
  2. I have also found a group to do my long runs with. The University City Road Runners. We meet on Saturdays at 0700 and run. They run all distances from 100 milers to 10ks and they are fast. I just hang on and keep up. They are a wonderful encouragement to me. Last week, my 14 mile run went by so fast.
  3. I will run with a pace team. Several of the UCRR members are running Thunder Road and I plan to run with them. Some said they may even pace me. WOOT!
  4. I have several girls from the group who do my Monday runs and faster runs with me.
  5. I cross train! Very important! Instead of doing recovery runs as the plan calls for, I swim and or bike. This helps me recover without getting hurt....and it makes me stronger.
  6. Weight/core training......This hurts so good! And makes me a stronger runner! Core training helps me hold good form even in the later miles. This is important as I get tired.

All this has helped me get faster, gain confidence, and made running fun!

So anyone want to join on the race and help pace me?


Jessi said...

Well, since I don't even run an 8:34 in my dreams I am thinking that I probably shouldn't be the one to pace you. But is it OK if I just stand on the sidelines and scream like a crazy person while pelting you with chocolate and Propel?

love2run26.2 said...

That sounds wonderful! I hope I don't need you to carry me this year at mile 14! LOL!