Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Prix Awards Dinner - 11/16/09

Now I truly know how the father in "Christmas Story" felt when he receives the major award (the leg lamp) in the mail. Then he displays it for the whole neighborhood to see. I am a total cheese and very excited that I placed 3rd in my age group for the Grand Prix Series. So I invited some very important people in my life.
First, I want to thank my parents who raised me. They are awesome! My mom has courageously battled 2 rounds of cancer and has taught me more about endurance than any marathon could. My dad was a runner in high school and is a pillar of strength for our family. They have both supported and encouraged me in everything I do.

Next is my Sister! We share a brain (and I think she got the bigger half). She is not only my sister by blood, but my sister in friendship! We laugh, cry and solve the problems of the world together! We have run 2 half marathons together.
Last, but not least is my sweet husband! He is my soul mate. We have run 3 marathons together and I love him more than I love myself. Bless his heart! He is the one who comes and stands in the heat or cold to cheer me on. He takes my nasty running stuff out of the car after I have ran 20 something miles, so I can go and get into the dreaded ice bath. He supports all my insane running.

My friend Debbie also placed in her AG. We love to chat about running together.

So, If you are wondering what this series is, you can read my last 9 posts on my blog. However, if you have a life, you can just see the recap of the times/pace/dates/races.
March 21
Shamrock 4 Mile 31.20 (7:50 pace) 12th in AG
April 25
Skyline 5K 23.13 (7:28 pace) 5th in AG

May 8
Twilight 5K Run23.41(7:37 pace)9th in AG
June 6
King Tiger 5K23:32(7:34 pace)7th in AG
July 11
RFYL 4 Miler 30.18(7:35 pace) 7th in AG
August 8
Blue Points 5K23:18(7:29 pace)3rd in AG

August 29
Greek Fest 5K23:07(7:26 pace)8th in AG
September 26
Brixx 10K48.21(7:47 pace)6th in AG
October 17
LungStrong 15K1:13.56(7:56 pace)8th in AG
For completing all 9 races, I received this nifty back pack. I was really excited.

For placing 3rd in my age group...I won't tell you how old I am...HaHa! I received a medal, $25.00 check, and a RFYL $20.00 gift certificate. COOL!

I feel like these races have made me a better runner. I pushed myself really hard during the races and feel like I am a better racer and runner because of it. I made lots of new friends and found out that I am competitive! Weird!
With my $$$$ I will buy compression socks so I can run more....Ha! Ironic!
Now on to trying to qualify for Boston!


Jessi said...

Christa! This is awesome. I am really proud of you. (What do you mean you realized you are didn't know before?) Congratulations!

"However if you have a life..." You still crack me up.

Linda said...

Christa, I am like Jessi, you did not know you were already a nut.. You are an inspiration to us all.. keep it going... and you have such a beautiful family to back you up.. congratulations on all your success.. linda w.