Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twilight 5k-5/8/09 - Race #3 Grand Prix

Pre-race routine:
With this being a night race, my whole routine went out the window. Matt (hubby) ran this race too! That excites me! Matt and I drove to downtown, parked, met up with Ron, Bree, and Lucas. We walked to the race and went to pick up our chip. There I saw Gygy and Rusty from BT! It was great to get to chat with them. It helped to calm my normal prerace gitters. There was no WU. Just went to the start and waited with Matt, Gygy, and Rusty. It was a crowded race and I knew already that I would have to be passing lots of peolpe who lined up wrong.
The Fire Fighters raised a huge flag b/4 the start. This was cool!
It took me almost 30 seconds to get past the starting line. Then the first mile was playing the passing game. When will I learn to get near the starting line? I was feeling pretty good. Passed mile 1 at 7:49 clock time. I think I yelled, and speeded up. Mile 2 I hit at 15:06 so I think I did speed up a bit. I have to say the 3rd mile was hard. I wanted to walk SO bad. It was a mind game. I was glad to see the finish line.
Post race
After I finished, I waited at the finish line for Gygy, Rusty, Matt, Bree, and Ron. Never did see Gygy and Rusty finish. They may have come across while I was walking to find a good spot. Then saw Matt come across with a PR. 29.06, WOOT! Saw Bree and Ron cross then chatted with them and some other friends....Ron's grandaughter ran the kid's fun run, so we cheered her on. Then went to Brix and grubbed.
What limited your ability to perform faster:
ME! I had panned for rocks all day with Maggie (my 8 yo) on a field trip. This was lots of hiking and squatting so I went into the race tired. But I would not change going on the field was worth the seconds I lost in the race.
Came in 54th out of 843 females! WOOT!
Total Time = 23m 41s
Overall Rank = 276/1696
Age Group = 35 - 40F
Age Group Rank = 9/135

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